Course Wrap-Up


It is that time.. the end of the semester and the completion of my long awaited bachelors degree. In sum much learning was gained throughout the senior project course. In specific I…

*Learned how to create and maintain an online blog.

*Gained knowledge via researching permaculture design which translated into a permaculture design map for property.

*Taught two workshops at the local community garden. One on planting garlic and another on cobbing the cold frame.

*Successfully completed a cob cold frame for local community garden which included a public workshop, as well as directly teaching students at the school.

*Maintained ongoing research throughout the semester including specific research of permaculture design in an arid climate.

*Implemented various project around homestead such as lime coating for cob cold frame, new compost system, sowing cover crops, sheet mulches, and home preservation.

At times I found the course challenging due to the time of year (fall/winter) and thus decreased opportunity to implement permaculture projects, and volunteer opportunities within my community. Ah well… I have a lot of great ideas to run with in the spring.

The course was extremely valuable in terms of gaining new knowledge for expanding my current gardening/homesteading practices, mapping of the property, and building relationships in my community – specifically with the local community garden.

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