Permaculture Mapping Project Part I

Plant Mapping

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2 Responses to Plant Mapping

  1. Randall says:

    I was looking through the map and noticing the plants that you have listed. Are those all plants that you already have in the ground and growing, or is the map a plan for the future?

    If those plants are already growing, I’m curious about a few of them. Have you harvested any fruit from the Goumi? If so, how did it taste? Also, what type of passionflower are you growing? I’m planning on growing a maypop (Passiflora incarnata), but I don’t know what the fruit tastes like. What variety of hardy kiwi are you growing? Do you have to have both male and female plants? Has it fruited? How does it taste compared to fuzzy kiwis?

    I’m trying to make sure that my plants have multiple roles, but the main thing is good-tasting food (:-), so I am slightly apprehensive about paying for plants that either do not produce well in this part of Utah or do not produce good tasting fruit.

    Oh, I just noticed that you have a bamboo forest on the map. What type of bamboo is it? Do the new shoots taste good? I’ve heard that they are supposed to be great in stir-fry. I am wanting to grow some for the new shoots and for building materials for trellises and such.

    Anyway, thank you for the map. It encourages me to (finally) create one of my own lot.


    • Hi Randall,

      Thank you so much for your comments. Some of the plants indicated in my plant map are already in the ground though the vast majority are either not yet planted or too young to fruit. My intention is to map things out and then start planting this spring. The plants that you specifically asked about..hardy kiwi, passionflower, goumi, bamboo.. are some of the more adventurous plants and I do not currently have them growing. To answer some of the questions – yes both a male and female kiwi will be needed and rumor has it that hardy kiwi is good, though not as tasty as “regular kiwi”. If you are local to Salt Lake City, Millcreek Gardens sells the hardy kiwi. I am planning the Maypop passionflower as well, and I have not yet settled on a bamboo variety… too many options.

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