Cold Frame Update

Finally an update on my cob cold frame. My goal in building the cold frame is to have fresh greens throughout the winter. This is the first winter and a big test to see how well plants will grow.

To be honest it has been a busy fall with a lot of time and effort dedicated to projects at the community garden. So a few weeks ago I finally got my act together and threw some winter starts (spinach, beets and radishes) into pots and stuck them in the cold frame. Then I completely forgot about them… between being a stay at home mom to a busy toddler, completing my bachelors degree and a gnarly stomach flu I did not water or check in on the wee plants for three full weeks!

I approached the cold frame with some trepidation and this is what I found…


To be honest I was not expecting much. The day I transplanted the plants had been particularly busy and so I quite literally had torn the wee plants out of the ground in the garden and hurriedly mashed them into some big pots. One pot I actually dropped three times while transporting it from the garden bed to the cold frame (pot on far right). In addition to this we have just had a big winter snowstorm with unusually low temperatures.

Impressive.. they are alive and doing quite well! Plan for next year is to fill the entire frame with plants.. three pots in not going to go very far 🙂

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