Just When I Thought Canning Season Was Over

I admit after a four month frenzy of canning, freezing, drying and pickling – I am a bit burnt out on “puttin up the harvest”. So last week when a friend dropped off a few bags of apples, I wasn’t bursting with excitement until I remembered movie-night last fall. Each movie night was shared with home canned apple juice and homegrown strawberry popcorn. Perfect. I threw all of the apples (in batches of course) into the steam juicer ( a must-have for a home canner). A few hours later we had apple juice.

the end product:

More on homegrown popcorn:

This past year we did not plant our usual crop of strawberry popcorn.. which is a big disappointment especially to my three-year old. I had never considered growing my own popcorn until I read the book Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots. An excellent book for anyone gardening with children. The author, Sharon Lovejoy, has a list of plants to grow with children and strawberry popcorn was included. I ordered the seeds from Botanical Interests and we had the yummiest popcorn ever. The same adage about how homegrown tomatoes are so much better than store bought tomatoes.. also rings true for popcorn. Who new.

Strawberry popcorn is considered an ornamental corn (although after tasting it – I decided to eat it rather than decorate with it). It produces small ears with deep red kernels. After harvesting the corn, remove the kernels from the ear of corn, let them further dry out… and wah-la you have the perfect corn for popping.

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