New eggs and a fart egg (no joke)

Currently we have two batches of chickens, the “old girls” are roughly three years old and are laying sporadically; maybe two eggs per day. The “little girls” are new as of May 2012 and we have been eagerly anticipating their first eggs.. this past week look at what I found:

Check out this picture of the new eggs next to one of the “old girl” eggs. Cute! These little eggs are typical to a young, newly laying hen.

A few weeks back one of the old girls laid a weirdly small egg. A friend pointed out that this is also known as a fairy egg or a fart egg.. gross! For more info check out this blog post by City Farm Girl

My three year old thinks this is hilarious and I admit.. so do I.

Here a a picture of the “little girls” when we first purchased them. The hen on the left with the white head is without a doubt the loudest sassiest chicken I have ever known. Not certain what to do with her…

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